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MaleMale, 1618 Nov 2017 11:06
My parents let my friend in the house as i was getting out of the shower, he came in my room and saw my c##k, we both just kinda stared for a bit then he closed the door and took his pants off, his d##k was so hard. He started j##king me off, after a while i stopped him, put his d##k in my mouth to get it w#t and let him go to town on my ass No regrets
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MaleMale, 2401 Nov 2017 06:02
I want to go out with someone older than me that will treat my like I'm their son.
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FemaleFemale, 1629 Sep 2017 21:37
I really like this guy, hes a country type of guy. He will be at my party... and i do know how to get him ask me out/ kiss me 😘 SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE!!!!!
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FemaleFemale, 1429 Sep 2017 21:17
I'm a fourteen year old girl and I've fallen for my best friend. I don't know if she knows but she makes me smile every time I see her. I'm not sure if she's straight and I'm in two minds whether to tell her or not. I'm scared of rejection but I know she'll accept me for who I am regardless
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FemaleFemale, 1628 Sep 2017 21:12
1;I'm pans#xual. 2; I have a major crush on a guy whos taken by another girl and they have been dating for over a year now. 3;my longest relationship was 3 months long and every relationship ive ever been in has ended fast and harshly 4;I am anxious and/or depressed 80% of the time but no body can tell because I'm laughing all the time and constantly making jokes so other people smile.
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